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Developer Options

Developer options are available, click on the 2 dots top left corner, then develop.

Configure Features

Enable and disable a various features in real time by yourself.

Easy to use

Spotium is a simple to use GUI, with a click of a button your ads are blocked.

Change Theme

Choose between the old theme and new theme.

Upgrade Button

Hides the Spotify premium upgrade button usually found on the top of the window.

Skips & Ads

Unlimited skips and no ads from Spotify forever.

Configuring Security Settings for Spotium on macOS

Spotium may not run after first downloading, this is normal. Press ⌘+Space and search for system settings, then go to the top left search bar and search "Security Settings". Under Privacy & Security click on Security Settings and then you should see a prompt saying that Spotium was blocked, click Open Anyway.


macOS has many features that help protect your Mac and your personal information from malicious software, this error is caused when you try to open an application that is not from the Mac App Store or identified developers, and your system's security settings are configured to only allow apps from the App Store or identified developers.

Spotium build 2 is working and has been tested on macOS Sonoma 14.2

There are no charges at all associated with Spotium, however you may choose to donate here.

Spotium should not interfere with any functionality of Spotify. However if it may seem this is an issue, join the discord server for help.