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Developer Options

Developer options are available, click on the 2 dots top left corner, then develop.

Configure Features

Enable and disable a various features in real time by yourself.

Change Theme

Choose between the old theme and new theme.

Extremely Fast

Spotium patches Spotify a lot faster than most other Spotify blockers.

Upgrade Button

Hides the Spotify premium upgrade button usually found on the top of the window.

Skips & Ads

Unlimited skips and no ads from Spotify forever.

Microsoft Spotify Installed?

Spotium's patch does not support the Microsoft version of Spotify, luckily Spotium has built-in features to detect weather you have this version of Spotify installed and can help you install the Windows version of Spotify.

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Windows shows this message because Spotium is developed independently and not distributed through official channels like the Microsoft Store, it lacks a digital signature or certification from Microsoft. A digital signature is essentially a online verification that confirms the authenticity and integrity of the software. Microsoft uses this verification process to ensure that applications meet certain security standards before running on Windows.

Spotium 2.3.1 was tested on Windows 10 and Windows 11 and is functional

There are no charges at all associated with Spotium, however you may choose to donate here.

Spotium should not interfere with any functionality of Spotify. However if it may seem this is an issue, join the discord server for help.