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Project Spotium

Spotium began as a project in 2021, starting off as a lengthy batch code designed to block ad host servers from connecting to your computer. Later, it transitioned to Python, where it remains today. However, around May of 2023, Spotium was put to a stop after Spotify managed to counteract this method. At that time, I was preoccupied with a full-time job, vacations, and preparations for returning to school. In the first month of 2024, motivated by the downtime and the fact that people were actually using it, I became determined to recode Spotium. It was completely recoded—from its interface to the way it blocks ads. Spotium's new patch is heavily inspired by @Nuzair46's batch script.

Download. Run. Block.

Not sure if Spotium is safe? Maybe concerned on how it works? Continue reading for a better understanding and to trust Spotium before you download.

Spotium Cares

Spotium prioritizes your privacy and security when using it to block ads. Spotium will never save any data from Spotify.
No need to worry

Spotium does not include any viruses, backdoors, trojans, or any other type of malicious software or code.

Open Source

Spotium is open source for the people to contribute and make their own changes. The source code is available on GitHub

Your account's safe

There is no chance of your Spotify account getting banned or you getting locked out of your account.

Spotium Functionality

This 3 step summary explains what Spotium actually does to give you an
ad-free experience
Preparation and Environment Setup

Stopping Spotify Processes: Initially, the code stops any running instance of Spotify and its helper processes to ensure that the files can be modified without any file access conflicts.

Checking Spotify Version and Installation: Spotium checks if the Spotify version installed on the system meets requirements like windows version, and it being up to date. If the installed version is not present, Spotium handles downloading and installing the required version of Spotify.

Downloading and Applying the Patch

Downloading Patch Files: Spotium downloads the patch files from the our CDN servers. Theses files modify Spotify's behavior regarding ad playback, development options, and more.

Applying and Verifying: Spotium downloads these files directly into the Spotify directory, then verifies if any antivirus deleted the files.


Cleanup: Spotium performs cleanup actions, such as removing temporary files and directories used during the patching process.

Patched Spotify: With the patch files in place, Spotify should now operate with the new modified behavior.